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weekly carry-around #7

(05/06/2023 - 11/06/2023)

My series on weekly carry pens, pencils and books marches onwards to a brand new week. A manageable 6 fountain pen rotation in a honey ochre Galen Leather pen case to be carried around or set on my desk, as sweet as it can be. Pencils, because I use them to scribble on margins. I’d like to mention the books I’m reading and the video game I played the most. The only way for me to track stuff is write it down, and well, that’s what I am doing. All of these are mostly in my bag at all times anyway, hence the carry-around.

Only one limit: I have to describe everything in 2 sentences.

This is a new experiment. I drafted this post on paper with my fountain pens, typed it up on my typewriter and scanned it into a document to edit the typos out. It’s a fun workflow that takes a good amount of my time, so let’s see how this goes.

Fountain pens in their case.


Pilot Custom 823 -M- Vinta Leyte: I enjoy this fountain pen a lot, but my preferences tend to shift to brighter colours during warm weather. I should make a conscious effort to use this combination of ink and pen more, as they are both among my favourites.

Writing sample for pen and fountain pens.

TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR -M- Coloverse Milky Lavender: This pen is well known to my hand as I own it in another colour already, though this nib is a little finicky, perhaps because it was the testing sample at the shop I bought it at. The ink suits it rather nicely, the dainty lavender shading to a very richer purple.

TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR -F- Diamine Blue Black: Our bottle of Blue Black is running out and I want to enjoy it before it finishes completely. It is comfortingly familiar in this pen as they both were one of the first pens and inks I had ever bought and used together.

Fountain pens in their case.

Scribe Pens Omas blank -Bock F- Graf von Faber Castell Violet Blue: This pen is comfortable even though I am reminded by its longer length every time I pick it up. The ink flows well and the darker, cooler purple compliments the shiny pen blank.

TWSBI Mini Diamond -1.1 stub- Colorverse Brunch Date: This used to be an ink that I didn't use often, because I couldn't find a pen that I enjoyed it with. Since I put it into this pen, I reach for it every single day, and I've been enjoying the soft, dreamy pink colour of it a lot.

Sailor Pro Gear -HM- Graf von Faber Castell Olive Green: Even though this pen

and the ink are among my favourites, they haven't been seeing much use due to a similar reason as the Pilot 823 above. Muted colours aren't what I crave right now, and I should ink this beautifully colourful pen with something else.

Zebra Sarasa Clip -0.5-: Their "Vintage" series had caught my eye due to their muted colours, so recently I picked up both of the available sets to use them as my book annotating pens. I know I have been saying that right now muted colours are not what I prefer, but hear me out: the colours fit the cover art and the vibe of the book perfectly.

Gel pens in their case.

Muji Gel Pen -0.38- Black: Before I got into fountain pens, these were the pens I hoarded like my life depended on it. The stash is going strong, as I tend to reach for these to write in my books due to the smooth experience and the fine line that they produce.


Triumph Tippa: I got this typewriter just the other day and I have been completely

enamoured with it. Hammering words onto a page has a very satisfying feel that you cannot get from fountain pens, so variety for the win.


Pilot NeXtage -0.5- Pentel 2B lead: This was also one of my favourite pencils when I was growing up, so much so that I cried when it was stolen. Well, I have a prettier one now and the soft grip and the barrel diameter make it a joy to write with.


Mistborn: The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson: (fiction) I've been putting off reading this book for a while, simply because I wasn't in an epic fantasy mood. Now, I am, so it became a relaxing read when I’m sitting under the sun in the park.

Lessons for Students in Architecture or Ruimte Maken Ruimte Laten by Herman Hertzberger: (non-fiction) My teacher suggested this book to me to understand the transition zones between private and public space in a project we are designing. It's great for developing ideas, and since I was fascinated by one of the main examples in the book for a while now, it's fun to learn even more about it.

Typewriter Revolution: (non-fiction) Of course I had been vaguely aware of all the resources for typewriters, but I had never done intensive reading on them before. This is the most well-known website, but a lot of other ones got added to my RSS reader, changing the name of the category from "fountain pens" to "writing instruments" to be more inclusive.



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