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weekly carry-around #6

(22/05/2023 - 28/05/2023)

My series on weekly carry pens, pencils and books marches onwards to a brand new week. A manageable 6 fountain pen rotation in a honey ochre Galen Leather pen case to be carried around or set on my desk, as sweet as it can be. Pencils, because I use them to scribble on margins. I’d like to mention the books I’m reading and the video game I played the most. The only way for me to track stuff is write it down, and well, that’s what I am doing. All of these are mostly in my bag at all times anyway, hence the carry-around.

Only one limit: I have to describe everything in 2 sentences.

I completely failed the 6-pen limit this week. At 10 pens over two pen cases, I severely overestimated my writing abilities. It lead to an happy hour cleaning and inking pens, and many more while using them.

Some colourful fountain pens in their cases.


TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR -M- Colorverse Milky Lavender: This nib is super wet and quite fun to write with. It pairs beautifully with Milky Lavender’s shading and amazing colour.

Writing samples for a range of fountain pens.

TWSBI Diamond Mini -1.1 Stub- Robert Oster Sushi: This pair takes the matching to a new level as it is cross matching with the pen above; pink pen with purple ink and purple pen with pink ink. In addition to being matching heaven, this pen doesn’t really match the ink well, as the drier stub isn’t helped by a very light ink.

Pelikan M200 -F- Diamine Smoke on the Water: This pen is always a joy to use and every time I pick it up, I realise how comfortable it is to hold. A fun ink with pink sheen in a fine nib makes it a great one for quick notes on my desk.

Montblanc 146 -ground EF- Parker Quink Red: A fine nib and a basic red works so good. Filled it up again for meetings and business calls.

Some colourful fountain pens in their cases.

Custom unknown body -#10 FM Pilot nib- Robert Oster Burned Orange: This pen has a long history that is probably not over yet. At least the nib holds up to Pilot’s quality and shows off a tiny shading from Burned Orange.

Opus 88 Minty -F- Graf von Faber-Castell Electric Pink: As my school work shifts to CAD for the rest of the semester, colourful inks take the places of blues and blacks. This bright pink and the coral body of Minty don’t match but complement each other.

Galen x Studyo Agackakan V1 -MI- Diamine Winter Spice: Star of last week’s show didn’t have the best performance this week. Sitting in a nib without getting cleaned for weeks doesn’t make the best behaviour on a shimmer ink.

Some colourful fountain pens in their cases.

Pilot Heritage 92 -F- Robert Oster Sodapop Blue: I inked this pen primarily for our bi-weekly Pathfinder game sessions and the notebook with the horrible paper I use for it. A fine, controlled nib and a bright little blue go together swimmingly.

Sailor Pro Gear -HM- Graf von Faber-Castell Olive Green: This ink is a beloved green in one of my most comfortable pens. If I am overwhelmed with tasks and a lot of different options, I tend to pick this pen up to go back to a muted, subtle experience.

Some colourful fountain pens in their cases.

Pilot Custom 823 -M- Vinta Leyte: Even though this nib size and ink colour are close to the previous one, the experience couldn’t have been more different. Instead of the feedback, there is the glassy smooth Pilot nib and a lively yellow-green ink, leading to a much louder experience.

Scribe Pens Custom -Bock F- Graf von Faber-Castell Violet Blue: This pen is too large for my hands, but I love the looks and the feel of the resin. The nib is a good fine nib that required the tiniest bit of adjustment to behave nicely; the ink is one of my absolute favourites anyway, no words necessary.


Tombow Monograph metal body -0.5- whatever graphite it came with: This is one of my favourite mechanical pencils, and I own quite a few of them. The metal one comes with a rubber grip and the shiniest of aqua colours.

Musgrave Tennesse Red: The perfect pencil for scribbling in the margins. They kind of became my favourite wooden case pencils to write with.


The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna: Just started and enjoying it a lot. The perfect book to read on the balcony with a warm coffee on these chilly mornings (it takes a while for the weather to get warm in here).

Video games

Pathfinder: It’s not a video game, it’s a good old fashioned table top game. It has been fun so far, I look forward to this weekend’s session!

Thank you for reading!



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