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a month’s worth of pens: holiday carry pt.2

My series on weekly carry pens, pencils and books marches onwards to a brand new week. A manageable 6 fountain pen rotation in a honey ochre Galen Leather pen case to be carried around or set on my desk, as sweet as it can be. Pencils, because I use them to scribble on margins. I’d like to mention the books I’m reading and the video game I played the most. The only way for me to track stuff is write it down, and well, that’s what I am doing. All of these are mostly in my bag at all times anyway, hence the carry-around.

Only one limit: I have to describe everything in 2 sentences.

Well, holidays mean the regular lineup of pens are changing for a moment. In order to keep a month’s worth of pens inked, I have three notebook covers filled with pens, totalling to 12 pens. I also brought two extra bottles of ink just in case -chronic over-packing. Let’s see how much will change over the next couple of weeks, I’ll probably leave finished pens cleaned and uninked. During the hotter, more humid weather I feel like most pens and inks tend to write wetter than they would, which is sometimes frustrating, but the weather is hot enough that they also dry quite fast. Part 1 of this post can be found here.


TWSBI Eco Jade -F- Faber Castell Turkis: A well shading turquoise that behaves well on most papers is the definition of perfection for a holiday spent on the beach. A familiar pen, nib and ink to fall back on when all else is too much, and maybe a little sandy.

TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR Pink Punch -M ground architect- Rohrer & Klingner Blu Mare: This is the ultimate sea blue ink and nothing can change my mind. A very wet writer that behaves with the architect’s crisp lines; forgiveness is important when you’re getting to know a nib.

TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR Prussian Blue -F- Parker Quink Blue Black: Of course I have a blue black inked up. Of course it’s my favourite one in my favourite fine nib.

Pilot Custom 74 Blue Stone -B- Diamine Peach Haze: This ink and ink pair is as bright and fun as it gets. Bold lines with a bright orange in a cool, comfortable pen.

Pilot Custom 74 Black -M- Diamine Mediterranean Blue: Yes, I somehow own two of these pens, they’re that good. The pen looks pretty basic, behaves well, and the ink is one of the most beautiful sky blues I have ever seen.

TWSBI Diamond Mini Grape -1.1 stub- Pennonia Tihanyi Lila: If you liquidated the colour of dawn and made it a little darker so it’s easy to read even on the smallest nibs, you would get this ink. Pairs beautifully with the wide nib, giving it fun, wet lines and subtle shading.

Opus 88 Minty Orange -F- Pilot Blue: With so many blue inks and so little time, it would’ve been a shame to let Pilot Blue sit this round out. With almost 2ml of this ink in the pen, I hope it won’t get boring quick.

Lamy AL-Star Bronze -1.1 stub- Robert Oster Terracotta: The colours of this ink and pen compliment each other well. It’s warm, it’s cozy and it’s summery; what more can I want?

Lamy 2000 -F- Pennonia Alkonyat: A bright, eye-searing purple in a wet nib makes for a fun writing time. Unfortunately, this pen tends to leak into the cap on the plane, and the saturated purple ink made it hard to miss.

Montblanc 146 -ground F- Parker Quink Red: A well-balanced nib makes for a lovely home for this ink. The shading is subtle, and the vibrant red pops off the page.

Custom pen body with #10 Pilot nib -FM- KWZ Honey: Thick, syrupy summer days beg for a honey sweet ink. Great writing experience with measured flow with a comfortably fine nib.

Pilot Custom 823 -M- Vinta Leyte: It just works. I really want to use this more often.

No pencils or anything else brought with me. I’m fully dependent on fountain pens this holiday!


A Court of Thorns and Roses (series) by Sarah J. Maas: Good old YA fantasy for summer reading. I’m already on book two.

Video Games

Mario Kart: I’ve been playing a lot of Mario Kart alone, simply because I want to complete all three stars on Grand Prix on all of the speed levels. Almost halfway through!

Thank you for reading!



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