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  • A Fleeting Ripple

year one: first anniversary!

It was one hell of a year, wasn’t it? It went by just like a stone's ripple in water. A very fleeting ripple.

Today marks one year since I started this blog. My first post was about my first fountain pen. Then, I had started to write about my other black pens, which weren’t many at the time and were odd in my shiny, colourful collection. How the times have changed… Now, I have a lot more black pens and they have become some of my favourites. This mini-series on three pens kicked off the whole thing. Some people asked me “Do you fear that you’ll run out of things to write about?”


I thought to myself, “I already have five posts lined up, and not even a blog name.” Not much changed as the first year flew by. My enthusiasm grew as I bought and sold off more pens, played with inks and wrote this blog.

I am incredibly thankful for all the people that have supported me. Thank you for bearing with me while I was typing away at the back of the car, in the train, in the pub when I was supposed to “hang out.” It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

I am also thankful for this community. Fountain pen people have been one of the kindest people. Thank you so much for reading my blog, writing about it, reaching out with a quick message.

Now that the emotional stuff is out of the way, I want to spread some love to other blogs I like reading and Instagram pages I like following following. I use reddit often as well, but the community names are much more obvious.


The Gentleman Stationer: I want to start with The Gentleman Stationer, because it is the blog that inspires me the most. The atmosphere of it just makes me feel like I’m a super fancy person behind a heavy mahogany desk, my shiny fountain pens strewn about. Even though his reviews are super helpful, I enjoy reading his editorial-style posts much more.

Mnmlscholar: His weekly share of pen & ink pairings push me out of my comfort zone once I see how well they work together. I got my first few grey inks after I saw them on there. I appreciate that he shares what he’s reading as well, as I’m always curious about what people are reading.

Dime Novel Raven: Theirs is the newest blog on the block and I’m all for it. The photography always gives me the cosiest vibe, even when it’s a cramped airplane seat. The Kaweco love and -can we please talk about that beautiful desk?!

Krafty Cats: she reviews the smallest of makers and cutest of pen holders. I really enjoyed reading her last few posts. Thank you so much for the opportunity to write on your blog too!

The Pen Addict: no words necessary. The ultimate pen blog. Thanks for publishing my writing too!

Mountain of Ink & Fountain Pen Pharmacist: I don’t follow these blogs on a weekly basis, but they’re amazing resources. Both of them are usually open next to my shopping tab or on my phone when I’m in a physical store.


In no particular order, just click and enjoy all the colourful goodness.









Thank you for reading! Let me know if I am missing anyone that I absolutely should follow, or shamelessly self-promote. The comments section is yours.

Disclaimer: none of these photographs are mine. Their photographs skills are great, so I wanted to use this opportunity to show them off too. Let me know if you are not okay with this, and I will take it down.


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